Hi. Can someone please help with wireless connection.?

Answer you sure thats the right address? most routers use by default

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Someone help with my wireless connection?

Call your Internet Provider. The people who put your wireless in. They will give you guidance.People on here don't even know what type of service or modem you have or even what country you are in... Read More »

Hi, can someone please recommend a good wireless router... will be connection 4 pc's?

When you ask this sort of question, you are going to get a lot of people saying that brand A is better than brand B..... the thing is, *most people* will buy one product, and never have any experie... Read More »

Wireless connection problems please help?

Check ALL Info is correct and up to date, such as IP address, mtu value, etc, if you did the auto search for settings, then it may have got a different connection and possibly have used a stronger ... Read More »

Wireless connection on laptop stopped working - please help.?

Yes you have inadvertently changed a setting on the laptop. If all other devices on the same network are working, then the problem is with the laptop. I spent 40 mins at the weekend trying to reso... Read More »