Hi, I'm currently living with an english family who uses Orange broadband (with livebox)?

Answer I suspect you may be exceeding a fair usage policy allowance, which results in speed limitation by Orange. You might also be exceeding a download cap.Don't even bother with an internet key for what... Read More »

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Orange Livebox Broadband. Does anyone know if I can change my IP address on this?

Yes, it will change your assigned IP for the orange network, If your using a router and its the LAN or Wifi address you want to change you will need to do that manually

How do I set up wireless on Orange livebox?

This is a question i would like to know aswell.My dad has been nagging me for months to set up wireless on his laptop from the Livebox and i have no idea how to.

Connecting Iphone To Wifi Through Orange Livebox?

It's the loooooong WEP key number on the bottom. You will need to press the pairing button on the side also.

Replacing an Orange Livebox with a netgear Router?

Well, it's not really that simple.You are going to have to reset the wirless settings, and set up the wirless to your laptop.Netgear routhers, are always the same passwords when you log into them s... Read More »