Hi am i able to connect to the internet on my phone by using my laptops internet?

Answer You will want to study up on tethering. It's a great way to share internet between devices.

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Can you connect a laptop to the internet by using the mobile phone network?

Yes, you can. A mobile phone connected to a PC via data cable, infra red, or Bluetooth, can act like a dial-up modem, assuming it has data connection capabilities (any phone with WAP should do). Yo... Read More »

How can I connect and surf the internet on my laptop using the connection I have on my android phone?

You can tether your internet wirelessly through your phone to your laptop. Just go to your settings and click on tethering and enable the option and setup a wireless network with a password and co... Read More »

Laptops wireless takes forever to connect to the internet.?

Reset the WiFi or its settings... Or make sure to reset the driver.Good luck!

How do colleges connect to the internet, my local private college has laptops?

can you expand your question, i am not sure what you mean...