Hi, can i record radio on my computer?

Answer Install Audacity (free app) and you can record anything playing on your PC. the input for PC sound and start recording. To save as high quality low file size mp3 ... Read More »

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How much fps shall i record withIs my computer good enough to record?

The CPU is fine , RAM is fine. What kind of video card does the computer have? It could have the crappy Intel on-die GPU, which probably would suck for what you're trying to do. The Geforce GT 53... Read More »

Is it possible to hook a camera up to my computer and record all day- storing it straight to my computer?

Yes it is possiblebut you will need a massive hard drive.Go to > for the best infoand advice on such a thing..

Can i connect my dvd player/writer to computer via usb cable and record and copy files from my computer?

i dont think that is possible. you could get a external one or internal writer there real cheap under £30!

How do you record Internet radio streaming to your PC?

Hi,Use Ripcast,, it is freeware (free of charge) it saves the whole stream as you listen to it to a folder you nominate and auto converts it to .mp3 for you. It is done by basically... Read More »