Hi everyone, i have a computer but would like to buy a laptop?

Answer the only advantage is that of price -- for the same memory and speed, etc. you can get a desktop cheaper than a laptop.That is the only advantage.Everything else is just as good on the laptop and t... Read More »

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Does any one agree that if everyone was paid their wages in cash like in the good old days people would have?

I agree. only a few years ago, my husband was paid weekly in cash, I stayed at home with the kids, and we had ONE credit card that I paid about $10.00 a week on through the local library computer. ... Read More »

I have a laptop and would like to get on broadband any where in the world what do i need to do this?

All you need is the broadband hookup wherever you are with access to the local phone company. I have traveled all over Europe and Asia. I now live in China. Whenever I am traveling, I usually fin... Read More »

Have bought wireless broadband, with router and would like to connect it to laptop?

why pay your iinternet service provider to help you with that and then come here instead? they know more about that than we do.

What would you like to asky is my video not working now i have transferred it from my phone to my computer?

it may be simply that the movies format you want to edit isn't supported by movie maker in which case you need a video converter to convert it to a supported video format a good video converter tha... Read More »