Hi i archived a message on facebook how can i undo that mistake?

Answer click it again and unarchive.

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How do I set my Facebook so that no non-friends can search me, or add me or message me?

first step:on the new facebook click the option on top right ie b/w home and settings tab then select [who can contact me]and set it to basic filtering.second step:go to this page http://www.facebo... Read More »

How do i put a public message out on facebook that friends cannot see?

Is it possible that she Hasn't seen my Facebook Message yet?

Nobody really has 800 friends do they? Have you considered the possibility that she doesn't want to accept you as a friend? Seriously with that many 'friends' your message has probably just been ov... Read More »

I told a work colleague via facebook message that I was depressed?

No, you aren't wrong.People just don't understand at times.You need to be careful about who you do and don't trust.I'm sorry that you're feeling this way.And I'd really like to help even if in the ... Read More »