Hi there... question about IP addresses as have no idea have those things work!!?

Answer Some people can figure it out and sometimes, depending on certain factors, it can easily be figured out. I don't know much either, but I have figured out who sent an email under a "fake' address j... Read More »

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Idea for things to do in Nottingham?

I don't live in Nottingham but have been looking for things to do up there when i visit. Theres always the dog racing, restaurant food, good entertainment and winning money cant be bad!!!!! also is... Read More »

How do email addresses work?

Hypothetically it could be @IP, but I very much doubt it's ever been implemented.Mail servers are traditionally part of an ISPs, or large company, network setup.An ISP will typically have dozens of... Read More »

Sending multiple Emails. If two or more addresses are put in the to field. Do all recipients see all addresses?

If you use BCC no-one else will see who else is in the BCC fieldBUT....and this is a big butt....if you copy someone into the BCC field, they will also be copied into any "reply all" emails and if ... Read More »

Please will someone answer my previous question about patenting an idea...pretty please!?

Sarah:I have a black belt in all things about Patents... Only thing they left out is the Provisional Application for Patent that you can get immediately and for only $125.. THEN make sure your inve... Read More »