Hi there... question about IP addresses as have no idea have those things work!!?

Answer Some people can figure it out and sometimes, depending on certain factors, it can easily be figured out. I don't know much either, but I have figured out who sent an email under a "fake' address j... Read More »

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I have a guy in work who has lied about things i have said and done, ?

There is an old saying that when people start suing each other, the only people who win are the lawyers. There's a lot of truth in that.To be clear about the law first. Slander refers to words tha... Read More »

What are those things called those people who don't have tablet pcs?

The cheapest best TOUCHSCREENS I could find were available online. They are pretty expensive, but you can get them at Amazon for under $240, which was the cheapest.LILLIPUT 7 INCHES TOUCH SCREEN L... Read More »

Ok, when answering this question, please remember that i am a WOMAN and have NO idea about cars!!(sat nav)?

hey i love your question lol your not blonde i hope lol anyway as said in earlier posts they know where are as soon as they get a signal and they work on a touch screen system so as soon as you tou... Read More »

Hello There,I have a question about P45?

A P45 details your tax code, how much you've been paid since the beginning of the tax year and how much tax and NI contributions have been deducted. It allows your new employer to deduct the right... Read More »