â™¥, ♪ ♫ Hi, will you share a favourite 'alt' sign with the rest of us ....i.e  'alt 254= â– ?

Answer How smartie pants how?

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Would you share your favourite shower gel with just anyone or someone special?

i never use the stuffi just give myself a lick and i'm as good as newmeoooooow!!!!!!!!1

If i install Yahoo Messenger will it let me sign in with my MSN email and will my contacts be in the programme?

no, it won't.YM works with yahoo email addresses

I share a car with my brother who has a full lic. I have a 1st prov. will my bro get points if i am stopped?

If you get stopped the car will be seized and you will receive points on your licence and a fine. If you are uninsured then your brother may be prosecuted for allowing you to drive his vehicle with... Read More »

I don't sign a Contract on everypage. I only sign the last page. Will it fully effective ?

Yes. Usually the last page is where your signature executes the agreement. Sign and date. Get a copy.