â™¥, ♪ ♫ Hi, will you share a favourite 'alt' sign with the rest of us ....i.e  'alt 254= â– ?

Answer How smartie pants how?

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Would you share your favourite shower gel with just anyone or someone special?

i never use the stuffi just give myself a lick and i'm as good as newmeoooooow!!!!!!!!1

The GB Pound sign on my keyboard gives me the # sign. The # sign gives me the \ sign.What is solution?

I had that problem with my laptop and a website helped me out:Changing this is simple - just a little lengthy in it’s solution! Within XP, follow the following procedure: Open Control Panel (Star... Read More »

My computer is set up that SHIFT 2 gives me the @ sign and not the " sign. Also the Pound sign does not work.?

Start, Control Panel, Regional & Language Options. Select English (UK) everywhere.

What is the share market such as a game where investors lost his money.explain about share maket scams at inte?

Go to your library and borrow some books on investing basics. Then start researching investing scams on the internet - you will find a LOT of scams that will keep you busy reading for a long time.... Read More »