Hip surface piercings?

Answer I love them, I want one on both sides :PWell Im not sure how much the peircings cost, I think its about £30.I know you can also get microdermals (like implants) they dont reject. But there a bit m... Read More »

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What Are Surface Piercings?

Surface piercings are true to their name and are done only at the surface of the skin. The entry and exit points of the jewelry are within close proximity to each other on the same area of skin. Th... Read More »

Piercings gd or bad?

woman - belly button, cli toris, - eyebrows, nipple.

Piercings yes or no?

What is with people who think that your brain seeps out the holes you put into your bodies?I'm a college professor - I'd take anyone to task on the intelligence comment, and WIN, I guarantee that -... Read More »

How Hot is the Surface of the Sun?

The sun falls under the category of stars because int emits light and also absorbs materials. The sun's surface also known as Photosphere, has high temperatures of ranging form 5,500 to 6,000 degre... Read More »