Home Networking With Computers On Two Os?

Answer Follow this link It has all you need to know in creating a home networking with wireless technology and computer with Win XP and Win Vista Operating Systems (OS) Read More »

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Can anyone tell me the cheapest solution to networking 3 computers in my house wireless?

Buy a 802.11G wireless router. Buy wireless cards for each of the three computers. If you don't want to open the desktops to insert the cards you can get USB networking devices. Put each of the thr... Read More »

What is Home Networking?

Home networking does not normally describe a type of computer network, but rather its location and general use. Up until the beginning of the 21st Century, home networking was relatively rare, simp... Read More »

Home networking cisco switch?

That's one way to go about it, but it's not really clean. You can't do egress policing on the 2950 so you'd have to achieve this by changing the queuing mechanism and using bandwidth limits within ... Read More »

Home networking - tv, ps3, hard drive and tablet pc?

Sorry, no. (and no, and no)You can't network an external HD and a ps3.You can't add an adapter to make a TV network ready.You can't make a pvr record to a HD