Homeplug and USB broadband modem?

Answer No! A homeplug system networks computers together by sending the signal over your electrical mains wiring. A USB modem needs to be plugged into a computer to work. So it might be possible to con... Read More »

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Going from modem to broadband?

It depends if you are getting Virgien Media, Orange etc etc and what type of broadband modem you will get (yes, you get another broadband!). They normally come with a USB connection anyway.

Has anyone used the usb modem for broadband on pay as you go?

I hope my wife is buying me one for Xmas :)To use them as a sole internet connection they are slower and more expensive than cable or ADSL (and they have very low caps!) but if you are just looking... Read More »

What Is a Broadband Modem?

A broadband modem is a device that connects a computer to both the Internet and to other computers on a network. The broadband modem gets its name by sending and receiving large amounts of data ove... Read More »

How to Install a Broadband Modem?

A broadband modem is a hardware device used for routing broadband Internet access on a desktop computer or laptop. Installing a broadband modem is divided into two steps--connecting the modem and c... Read More »