Horseshoe Nail Cross Necklace Directions?

Answer Horseshoe nail crosses represent the crucifixion of Jesus and the wearer's devotion to God. They are usually made by forge-welding several horseshoe nails, bending the tops down to make loops and w... Read More »

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Beaded Cross Necklace Directions?

Beaded cross necklaces are beautiful and elegant, yet simple to create. These necklaces make great gifts and are easy craft projects for children. Although any type of beads can be used, pony beads... Read More »

Horseshoe Nail Arts & Crafts?

Horseshoe nails are believed to have been introduced between 500 and 600 B.C., but were not common until 1000 A.D., when they were mostly used on warhorses rather than for agricultural uses. Today ... Read More »

The Differences Between a Rosary and a Cross Necklace?

Although it may appear at first glance that a rosary and a cross necklace are similar in nature, the two are actually quite different in appearance and in purpose. While both are utilised by Christ... Read More »

How to Make a Cross Necklace Out of Nails?

It's generally believed that when Jesus was crucified, he was nailed to the cross. Nail crosses are catching on among Christians because they provide a stylish, modern way to show your faith and th... Read More »