How Can I Tell If a Red Onion Is Bad?

Answer Fresh red onions are sweet, flavourful and delicious when eaten raw or cooked in your favourite recipe. Red onions are easily distinguishable from white or yellow onions by the deep red colour of t... Read More »

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Can You Grow an Onion From a Sprouted Onion?

Onions are used in various recipes and are usually on hand as kitchen staples. Some onions even begin to sprout while kept on the shelf or in the cupboard. When this happens, there is no need to th... Read More »

Yellow Onion Vs. Green Onion?

A lot of onion varieties are cultivated in different parts of the world. Aside from culinary purposes, some countries and communities use them as an herbal medicine. Two of the most widely used var... Read More »

How to Tell When an Onion Has Gone Bad?

Properly harvested, cured and stored onion bulbs keep for a long time, often for three months or more. Improper storage conditions cause the bulbs to decline in quality and spoil more quickly. Onio... Read More »

How to Tell If an Onion Is Bad?

Onions, with their many layers of skin, seem like they never go bad. However, just like any other vegetable, onions are perishable. Even if stored under the best conditions, they will start to go b... Read More »