How Do I Become Better at Sharing My Feelings?

Answer Despite the stereotypes of the overly emotional woman and the utterly stoic man, opening up to another person and sharing your emotions can be a challenge for people of either gender. Whether you w... Read More »

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How to Talk to a Man About Your Feelings?

Some women hit the dating jackpot -- they find a man who is open an honest about their own feelings, and in turn, the woman feels that she, too, can be open an honest back. However, this isn't ofte... Read More »

What are your feelings on abortionAnd why?

It should be safe and legal, especially before the third trimester1) women's safety concerns2) women's rights3) quality of life / environmental / overpopulation concerns4) sanctity of life is made ... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Shameful Feelings?

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Signs That He Has Feelings for You?

In media, guys are commonly portrayed as unable to display their true feelings and affections. These portrayals may not be far from the truth; many guys opt for indirect ways to display their feeli... Read More »