How Do I Choose the Best Binocular Microscope?

Answer When selecting a binocular microscope, consider the purpose you will be using it for. Some binocular microscopes are high powered, while others offer a less powerful magnification. Price will vary ... Read More »

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What is a Binocular Microscope?

A binocular microscope is simply a microscope that uses two eyepieces instead of the traditional one used in many other types of microscopes. This binocular view offers a number of advantages and t... Read More »

How to Label a Binocular Microscope?

A distinguishing feature of the binocular microscope is the use of two eyepieces rather than the monocular microscopes' use of just one. As a compound microscope, binocular microscopes use two lens... Read More »

How Do I Choose the Best Microscope Set?

Although there is nothing in the name to tell you so, the term microscope set tends to be used to indicate a child’s or beginner’s microscope that is sold with a variety of accompanying accesso... Read More »

How Do I Choose the Best Monocular Microscope?

So you're ready to buy your first single-lens or monocular microscope and you need to know how to choose the best model. Your objective should be to purchase a microscope that is best suited for it... Read More »