How Do I Choose the Best Microscope Slides?

Answer When choosing microscope slides, consider whether you'd prefer slides that are prepared with various specimens to view, or blank slides that you may prepare yourself. Basic slide making kits may in... Read More »

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How to Draw From Microscope Slides?

The earliest images we have of cells and microorganisms were drawn by scientists like Leeuwenhoek looking through a microscope and sketching what they saw. Although photography has made imaging eas... Read More »

What are the Different Types of Microscope Slides?

Microscope slides are used for viewing specimens through a compound microscope. This type of microscopy is light-illuminated and produces a high magnification, low resolution image. Specimens may b... Read More »

Crafts With Microscope Slides?

Traditional microscope slides are small, rectangular sheets of glass used for preserving and examining scientific samples under a microscope. However, creative crafters have found these slides can ... Read More »

How to Stain Microscope Slides with Household Chemicals?

In "The World of the Microscope," Oxlade and Stockley explain that stains help differentiate parts of organisms, such as cell walls and nuclei, by increasing contrast and detail. Transparent organi... Read More »