How Do I Install Sound Device Drivers for Windows XP?

Answer Computer audio devices, such as sound cards, interact with the computer via driver software. A driver is a small program that instructs the computer and operating system regarding how to run the au... Read More »

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How to Install Windows XP Sound Device Drivers?

Often, after you format or install a new instance of Windows XP, you need to install drivers to get all of your devices to work properly. This is true of graphics, sound and even sometimes network ... Read More »

How to Install a Sound Device in Windows XP?

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How can you install a USB flash storage device on Windows 98SE?

It should be "plug and play". The name of the drive will depend on which USB port you plug it into (so my computer calls my flash drive by a different letter if I plug it into a different port).Hav... Read More »

How to Install XP Print Drivers on a Windows 7 Computer?

A lot of older hardware and software that worked with Microsoft Windows XP will no longer function under Windows 7 because of some fundamental changes to the Windows operating system. Although many... Read More »