How Do You Get a Picture Of Your Screen?

Answer ctrl and print screen then if you want to put it in like paint or some other editor you press ctrl+v

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My pc monitor screen is now and then changing from a clear picture to a rose tinted picture.?

Normally if the screen changes hue (colour) then it is often a bad connection or broken cable that causes it. Each pin carries a colour, a damaged pin, loose connection or broken cable means that a... Read More »

How can i take a picture of my screen?

After you press Print Screen, the image is stored on your clipboard. Open MS Paint and Paste the image (ctrl+v)

About the picture not on my pc screen?

It could be many things so it's hard to advise without more details. What kind of screen is it? It could be a connection to the screen, it may be the back light, it may be your video card. More det... Read More »

What picture do you have as the background on your screen?

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