How Do You Share Internet Via A DSL Port?

Answer The RJ-11 jack on your old Win 98 laptop is a 56 Kbps analog dial-up modem.You can not connect that to a broadband DSL connection, it only supports dial-up Internet connections.To connect you'll ei... Read More »

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How Do You Share Internet Via An Ethernet Port?

If your doing this so the 98 laptop can access the internet then you are really wasting your time.A 98 machine is now far too old and way out of date to access the internet.No modem/router comes no... Read More »

How to Share Internet on the Samsung Jack?

The Samsung Jack is an AT&T smartphone that fully supports cellular data connections, letting you use the phone for almost any online activity, like viewing websites or checking your e-mail. The Ja... Read More »

How to share internet connections accross pcs?

You need to use what is called an ethernet router to split the connection between the two or more computers. If it is wireless, then your computer needs a wireless card installed or built in. If ... Read More »

How to share internet using a network cable?

You could use internet connection sharing as long as your computer has a spare ethernet port.there will be a wizard that takes you through all this use either of these methods (WinXP) 1) Open the ... Read More »