How Does Bacteria Enter the Human Body?

Answer Bacteria can be found all around us in our environment. We are exposed to bacteria on a daily basis in our homes, the grocery store, at work and just about anywhere we go. Our immune system is cons... Read More »

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How Does Your Body Prevent Bacteria From Entering?

Catholic nuns have been an integral part of the religious community since the beginning of Christianity more than 2,000 years ago. Various orders have come into existence over the centuries, living... Read More »

How do Microorganisms Enter the Body?

Microorganisms are tiny one-celled organisms found throughout the world and are associated with viruses, fungi, and bacteria. Microorganisms can enter the body through many crevices, such as eyes, ... Read More »

How do Microbes Enter the Body?

Microbes, often referred to as microorganisms are tiny one-celled organisms, that comes in the form of viruses, fungi, and bacteria. They can enter the body through our eyes, mouth, ears, noses cut... Read More »

How Many Chromosones in Human Body?

The human body has 23 pairs of chromosomes making 46 chromosomes in total. 22 pairs are identical in men and women. The 23rd pair varies from man to woman. See here for more information: