How Does Solar Power Produce Electricity?

Answer Harnessing the energy of the sun is an effective way of providing for the world's energy needs. Sunlight is free, and also it emits zero carbons when producing energy. When light hits an object, th... Read More »

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How Much Electricity Does a Wind Turbine Produce?

A wind turbine is a conversion device. It converts wind energy into mechanical energy. The mechanical energy can therefore be converted to electricity. Let's take an average annual production. A on... Read More »

Does each london underground carriage produce its own electricity?

The cars are of two types: "Motor" and "Trailer". The motor cars pick up electricity from the third and fourth rails which is used to drive the axles on these cars. The trailer cars have no power... Read More »

How Does Solar Energy Efficiency Compare to Electricity?

Solar energy efficiency definitely beats electricity if the buyer can afford higher up-front costs. Many homeowners seeking a new heater, for example, are not willing to pay five times the money fo... Read More »

How Much Does the Electricity From a Power Station Cost?

The cost of electricity from a power station takes into account the government's regulatory policy on energy production and consumption, cost of production, local conditions, resources and material... Read More »