How Does Solar Power Produce Electricity?

Answer Harnessing the energy of the sun is an effective way of providing for the world's energy needs. Sunlight is free, and also it emits zero carbons when producing energy. When light hits an object, th... Read More »

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Why are physicists so skeptical about peoples' claims to have invented motors that provide mechanical power without consuming electric power or generators that produce electric power without consuming mechanical power from the systems that turns them?

While it may seem as though there is some grand conspiracy among physicists to deny validation to those inventors, nothing could be farther from the truth. Physicists generally maintain a healthy s... Read More »

How do Wind Turbines Produce Electricity?

Wind turbines (wind generator) produce electricity while converting kinetic energy from the wind to mechanical energy. Mechanic energy produces electricity.

How Much Electricity Does a Wind Turbine Produce?

A wind turbine is a conversion device. It converts wind energy into mechanical energy. The mechanical energy can therefore be converted to electricity. Let's take an average annual production. A on... Read More »

Why Do Citrus Fruits Produce Electricity?

Although unpleasant to humans, spraying is a natural activity for female cats. A female cat sprays by bending her legs slightly and depositing urine on a vertical object. Spraying is usually not a ... Read More »