How Effective Is Neem for Lice?

Answer While not as well known a treatment for lice as over-the-counter and prescription chemical shampoos, neem oil is a natural remedy that is generally considered very effective for clearing an infesta... Read More »

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How Effective Is Neem for Scabies?

Many people report that using neem for scabies quickly and effectively kills the parasite. There has not been much scientific study on the use of neem for scabies, however, so medical professionals... Read More »

How Effective Is Neem for Diabetes?

Herbal medicine is not an ancient field, but it is growing in prevalence in western countries for the treatment of common diseases, including diabetes. Neem extracts are just one of the types of al... Read More »

How Effective Is Neem for Acne?

Many people who use neem for acne treatment claim it is very effective. Neem is an antibacterial herb derived from the fruit of the neem tree, which is native to India. It helps kill the bacteria t... Read More »

How Effective Is Neem for Psoriasis?

Neem oil comes from a tree native to India and is primarily used for medicinal as well as cosmetic purposes. It is used to treat a variety of skin conditions, most notably to help relieve the sympt... Read More »