How Effective Is Vinegar for Lice Removal?

Answer No evidence shows using vinegar for lice removal is effective. The basis for using vinegar for lice treatments comes from the idea that the acetic acid contained in vinegar will kill adult lice and... Read More »

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How Effective Is Mayonnaise for Lice Removal?

Opinions vary on how effective the use of mayonnaise for lice removal really is. Some say it doesn't work, and others say it works quite well, but only if it’s done correctly. The idea behind the... Read More »

How Effective Is Neem for Lice?

While not as well known a treatment for lice as over-the-counter and prescription chemical shampoos, neem oil is a natural remedy that is generally considered very effective for clearing an infesta... Read More »

Professional Head-Lice Removal?

Head lice are small, dark grey, wingless insects about 1/8 inch long that are found on the human scalp. Upon close inspection they can be seen crawling in the hair or anchored on the scalp Their ye... Read More »

Vinegar for Roof Moss Removal?

It seasons french fries, cleans up tile in your bathroom and even repels insects; no doubt about it, vinegar is a versatile tool in your pantry or in your cleaning supply closet. In addition to bei... Read More »