How Long Does it Take to Charge a 12v Battery?

Answer The charging speed of a 12v battery depends on the amount of amplitude applied along its ends. More amplitude means faster charging. The time it takes for the battery to charge about 64% of its cap... Read More »

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Can someone please advise on how long to charge my motorcycle battery?

Normally, you would aim to charge at c/20 for 20 hours, where c is the capacity of the battery in AHIn your case C/20 is 10/20 - 0.5 amp, so yes 20 hours for a full charge should be OK.

How Long to Charge a Black & Decker 7.2V Battery?

Many Black & Decker power tools use 7.2-volt rechargeable batteries for electricity instead of a direct connection to a power outlet. Battery packs reduce trip hazards and let you use the tool in l... Read More »

What is the Proper way to charge a Macbook Pro Battery so that it lasts a long time.?

the battery has a limited number of charges before it will start to effect the time the battery is able to hold the charge, so it is best to keep it plugged in whenever possible.

A flat car battery, once jump started, how long should ,drive it for to charge it up..?