How Much Does the Juice of One Lemon Equal?

Answer The juice of one lemon juice equals 4 tablespoons for a large fresh lemon. The amount of orange varies with the fruit's size or its freshness.

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How Many Teaspoons Equal the Juice of One Lemon?

How many teaspoons equals of one lemon depends on the size of the lemon and how juicier it is. If you take an average sized lemon it normally contains 3 to 4 tablespoons of juice. If you convert th... Read More »

Can I Substitute Lemon Juice for Grated Lemon Peel?

It is possible to use lemon juice as a substitute in the absence of grated lemon peel. You must take into mind that the former is weaker in terms of tanginess than the latter. For reference, 1 tabl... Read More »

How to Substitute Orange Juice for Lemon Juice?

Lemon juice is a common ingredient in many recipes. However, not everyone enjoys faint hints of lemon flavour in their cookies and cakes. Even if you do like lemon flavour, chances are you will run... Read More »

Can I Substitute Lemon Extract for Lemon Juice?

Lemon extract can never be a substitute for lemon juice. This is because lemon extract has a more bitter taste than lemon juice.