How Much Tobacco Can I Bring Back From France?

Answer It is said that there is no limit on the amount of things you bring back from the European countries as such as alcohol and tobacco but there is a limit and if you bring more than the limit, the cu... Read More »

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How Much Tobacco Can I Bring Back From Holiday?

If you are coming back from your holiday from a European country to UK, you can bring 800 cigarettes, 400 cigarillos or 1 kg tobacco while from outside the EU country. You can either bring 200 ciga... Read More »

How Much Duty Free Can I Bring Back From France?

Here is what to know first about duty free goods. Duty free items include pure perfumes, tobacco and liquor. How much duty free to bring back from France depends on the type of goods and the purpos... Read More »

How Many Cigarettes Can I Bring Back From France?

France being an EU country, you can bring as much as 3200 cigarettes from there as long as you convince customs that they are for personal use. Look here for details:

How Much Can I Bring Back From USA to UK?

You can bring back as much as you like from the USA. You may need to look up the regulations on how you will have to report a certain amount though.