How People Used to Live: Washboards & Wood Stoves?

Answer In the days before electricity was readily available and modern appliances lightened the workload, household chores such as cooking and washing were time-consuming, all day endeavours. Wood had to ... Read More »

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Electric Stoves That Look Like Wood Stoves?

Electric stoves that look like wood burning stoves are alternately listed as electric stoves and electric fireplaces, depending on the manufacturer. Such stoves generally have old-fashioned designs... Read More »

How to Fix Old Wood Stoves?

Old wood stoves can be properly restored and fixed up. Because most wood stoves are made of cast iron, the process involves rust removal and restoring the stove surface. These stoves are stout and ... Read More »

What are the Different Types of Wood Stoves?

Wood stoves are used primarily for heating spaces, and sometimes for cooking food. Wood stoves are so named because their source of fuel is wood or a wood derivative, in contrast to gas or electric... Read More »

How to Identify Old Wood Stoves?

Old wood stoves are a relic from a bygone era but can still be very useful for heating homes and cooking food. Finding an old wood stove can be quite a thrill, and searching for more information ab... Read More »