How and why do I use the imhosts file?

Answer First off it's an l (ell) not an i (eye).Yes, you do have to remove the .samYou should only use lmhosts for hosts that DNS doesn't know about... like on your network and no DNS server on your netwo... Read More »

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YouTube: Is it possible to reload an improved, better quality file in place of existing video file?

leave it alone, the higher quality wont be noticed.

Can't upload file on gumtree when applying for jobs. when I click send, the file just disappears?

What exactly do you mean "the file just disappears"?Are you sending it in the format they want?Or even following their instructions correctly on how to do it?Unless you can give a few more details,... Read More »

Computers question what file can i download off file hippo that will view any picture , photo or jpeg?

Go getIrfanView : if you insist on going through file hippothen go for,Picasa :…orFresh View : Read More »

Trojan.Agent4 alert just came up on AVG, saying the file was found in an Avast! file?

This is precisely why you don't have two antiviruses resident on the one computer.  An antivirus has the signatures of viruses in it as it needs them to detect viruses.  Get rid of one of your an... Read More »