How are baud rate, bandwidth and channel capacity related?

Answer Baud rate is the number of symbols that can be transmitted over a line in a second. This is similar to bit rate except that each symbol usually consists of more than 1 bit. So in a system with 3 ... Read More »

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[need answer fast] baud, bit, bandwidth?

Do you know your question doesn't make any sense whatsoever?Baud rate went out years ago. That was for measuring dial up data transferrates when phone hand sets were shoved into Acoustic Couplers!A... Read More »

What Is a Baud Rate?

Baud rate is a technical term associated with modems, digital televisions, and other technical devices. It is also known as symbol rate and modulation rate. The term roughly means the speed that da... Read More »

What make's a successful gaming channel (YouTube related topic)?

>> Ways to get your Gaming Channel Noticed1. Be Consistent -Releasing regular videos2. Be Original and unique3. Keep the Video quality HIGH4. Link with others, other gamers, viewers5. Keep it up! (... Read More »

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