How are messages routed in the asynchronous transfer mode?

Answer ATM is actually a switching technology, not a routing technology, but to answer your question, the message is first broken down into 48-byte chunks, a 5-byte header is attached to tell it which VC ... Read More »

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What Is Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM)?

Asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) is a switching technology that facilitates the movement of data from one point to another. It is one of the preferred technologies because of its efficiency of use,... Read More »

Can I transfer all text messages to laptop as they appear on my phone for evidence purposes?

Only I know that you can't go to the court with your laptop and show to the judge. Why you don't show to the police and make a report for harrasment and then show to the court

How to Transfer Email Messages From Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail?

If you save e-mails containing important or useful information, then you might not want to lose them when you upgrade to a new e-mail program. Microsoft no longer ships the free Outlook Express e-m... Read More »

How to Backtrack Routed Email?

You can backtrack e-mail received and sent to services such as Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo, AOL mail and Gmail by finding the originator's IP address in the email header. Every e-mail that arrives in ... Read More »