How are the photo memories on Facebook generated?

Answer I too have wondered that.

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What happens if i tag myself in a photo on facebook?

yes she'll get the notification, but i don't think that it will get in the news feed.

How Do I Get the Photo Tab to Appear on Facebook?

When someone clicks the Photos tab on your Facebook profile page, the person is able to see your uploaded pictures. This is a good area to showcase your vacation, recreation and fun pictures, and s... Read More »

What does 'tag photo' mean on facebook?

It means that the persons name will be shown underneath the photograph, also a link will show up under the photograph which means a person can access that persons profile from clicking on the link.... Read More »

How to Put a PDF Photo on Facebook?

While there are a number of third-party applications that you can use to post a PDF photo to Facebook, perhaps one of the simplest ways to accomplish this task is to first convert the document to a... Read More »