How big is the hard drive or server for you tube or yahoo ?

Answer YouTubes servers were 45 terrabytes in 2006, they're probably a few times larger than that by now.In May 2008 Yahoo claimed to have the worlds largest database at 2-petabytes. That's about 2,000,00... Read More »

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Can I save You Tube Videos as a file on My Hard drive?

YouTube converts uploaded videos to a .FLV (Flash Video)If you really want that video BAD you can watch the video on YouTube until it loads all the way, then find that .flv file in your Temporary I... Read More »

Is it possible to save the videos on you tube to my computer hard drive?

yup download this, it will also convert them for you too.…

Is it possible to store digital photos,in yahoo Or google thus saving space on my hard drive?

go to its a free web hosting site, it will give you a few hundred mb of free storage for any files not just pictures, its free, the site is always up and you can upload wha... Read More »

Hard drive update. Can I change my laptop hard drive to increase storage?

If the laptop is less 13" and smaller, chances are the laptop online has an enclosure for one drive, if it's bigger than you may have an extra drive slot to plug in a drive. But it really depends a... Read More »