How can I Fix a Leaking Toilet?

Answer Dealing with a leaking toilet is a task that many people prefer to leave in the hands of a plumber. While it is true that the leak may be caused by problems that require the attention of a profess... Read More »

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The RV Toilet Is Leaking?

RV toilets can leak in four ways: The inch or so of water that should be left in the bowl after a flush can leak down through the blade into the holding tank. The leak can be internal, where pressu... Read More »

What Do I Do If My Toilet Tank Is Leaking?

A leaking toilet tank is not a laughing matter since the leak may render the toilet useless if not repaired. In addition, the leak can lead to other damage in the bathroom, including staining the f... Read More »

My Toilet Is Leaking From the Floor?

A leaking toilet can cause damage not only to the bathroom's floor but also to the room below the toilet, the subfloor and floor joists. Once you discover the toilet leaking, take steps to stop the... Read More »

My Floor Was Damaged by a Leaking Toilet?

Water for toilets is supposed to stay inside the toilet bowl, not on the surrounding floor. If you've only recently discovered that you have a leaking toilet, there may be a good chance that it's d... Read More »