How can I change the IP address (country) at my router?

Answer download peerguardian it will hide your ip and assign another ip some where else !

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How do I change my IP address on my Xbox and Internet router?

You cant hide your wireless signal unfortunately, there are methods of hiding your SSID from normal users but if this person is using a Wifi sniffer (which he will be) then there is absolutely noth... Read More »

If i change my router will my ip address change?

If you are set up for DHCP then when you turn your router off for longer than the DHCP lease time you will lose that IP address and will be furnished with a new one when your router boots up.If you... Read More »

I can't find my router IP address and i need to change the broadcast channel as i struggle to connect sometime?

ipconfig /all see the default gateway ..this will be our router IP (if no other device like access-point etc.(not hub/switch) in between your router and pc ...if you have connected any other devic... Read More »

If i change my router to wep, instead of wpa will everything connected to the router get disconnected and need?

Yes, everything would need reconfiguring.But do not change it (it may not be possible anyway).WEP has been obsolete for many years at it was a badly flawed system.It can be broken in second with fr... Read More »