How can I communicate with little person inside my PC?

Answer Here's a little tip to help that lil' guy and yourself:If all your hardware is up and running correctly, back up your drivers to a separate CD.It gets harder and harder to find them, and many place... Read More »

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How to Communicate With a Passive-Aggressive Person?

Passive aggressive communication can be infuriating if taken for face value: the culprit will often use sarcasm, mismatched expressions with tone of voice and often try to blame others for their un... Read More »

When a person bumps into something or has something dropped on them and a bruise forms, does it form because of the object hitting the person or from the person exerting a force on the object to keep that object from pass through their skin?

The bruise forms because of the force exerted on the person by the object. When an object hits you, it's obvious that the object pushes on you. But the object also pushes on you when you hit it. In... Read More »

What is the correct way to dispose of fluorescent lamps Do they really have mercury inside them Is the powder that covers the inside of them dangerous Is there a simple way to get rid of a burned fluorescent lamp without pollution - Augusto?

While there is mercury in a fluorescent lamp, the amount of mercury is relatively small. There are only about 0.5 milligrams of mercury in each kilogram of lamp, or 0.5 parts per million. In fact, ... Read More »

Is it illegal for another person to access a persons Bank Account via the internet without the person knowing?

yes it is very illegal. u will get arrested and put in jail!!! if u r planning 2 do this u will eventually get caught anyways. as long as shes not taking any money or ruining ur life or stealing ur... Read More »