How can I connect the two PCs in my home without using an internet connection?

Answer run a crossover ethernet cable between the nics and network them ..

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How to connect a laptop and a pc to the same internet connection?

You need a wired or wireless router in order to connect on the net same time or not.If you don't want to purchase a router you can setup a hub but each PC needs to have the exact internet settings ... Read More »

New (old) Computer won't connect to our internet connection?

You need to change the IP address just add 1 to the last number should do it so if the ip of you first computer is then make your XP machine the last number must be differe... Read More »

Does the PS3 come wireless for the internet connection, or do you have to connect via a cable?

Your PS3 has WiFi so it will connect to your broadband downstairs after you have set it up properly. You don't need to buy an adapter.

How do I connect to a wireless internet connection in Ubuntu?

Your Wi-Fi drivers probably aren't set up. Try to find your model and follow the instructions for it. Here is Ubuntu's official documentation on setting up Wi-Fi.