How can I connect the two PCs in my home without using an internet connection?

Answer run a crossover ethernet cable between the nics and network them ..

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Can i share my internet connection with my laptop just using a rj45 connection without a router.?

It depends on the hardware you have available. To share internet without a router you need to have a free Network Interface Card (NIC) on your PC that currently has internet connectivity. You wil... Read More »

Any difference on the speed of internet connection if using a lan cable connect to a router or a wireless?

Typically not, however with newer technology standards this will be different. If you're using an old CAT5 cable and 10/100 ethernet cards, the wireless standard N can deliver higher rates, by a f... Read More »

How can I connect and surf the internet on my laptop using the connection I have on my android phone?

You can tether your internet wirelessly through your phone to your laptop. Just go to your settings and click on tethering and enable the option and setup a wireless network with a password and co... Read More »

How can i get my laptop onto the internet without a connection at home?

BT Openzone is a wireless broadband (Wi-Fi) service that you can access in public places (hotspots) such as airports, hotels, pubs and motorway service stations. You can get online at BT Openzone h... Read More »