How can I connect to the network laptop from my desktop without the password?

Answer Is it the network that's asking for a password, or is it the laptop?If it's the laptop, you should know the password, if it's your laptop.If it's the network, and you're connected wirelessly, you m... Read More »

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How do i connect to a wireless network without the ntwk key or WPA password.?

Firstly, WPA is a code so people can't leech.what you need to do is go into your router settings at and then you need to edit your wireless settings. Change the WPA code. Make it look s... Read More »

Is there a way to get on a wireless network(internet) on a laptop with no password?

Yes, it's true. You just should be lucky to pick up a signal from a user who didn't protect his wireless network connection with a password. There are lots.Try to pick up a signal, driving around a... Read More »

Setting up new laptop got to the wirless bitand it is asking me for the password for this network?

Assuming you are connecting to your own router, if it was preset it may have a label giving the WPA or WEP key. If it was set by whoever installed it you will need to ask them.

How Can I Connect My Laptop to My Desktop?

In situations where you need to transfer files between a laptop and a desktop, a simple crossover cable can be the perfect solution. This type of connection does not allow you to share Internet acc... Read More »