How can I convert FAT32 to NFTS on internal H Drive "C" without losing data?

Answer you dont need to do all that mess just to convert from fat to ntfs ... It is easy to convert partitions to NTFS. The Setup program makes conversion easy, whether your partitions used FAT, FAT32, or... Read More »

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Stand alone hard drive is configured for FAT32- how to convert to NFTS?

not to muddy the water but I run XP pro and use an external drive with FAT32 to do backups, store photos etc. I have no problems storing any size file there.Perhaps there is a setting which would a... Read More »

How can i format a external hard drive in fat32 i know how to do it in nfts theres no option for fat 32?

How big is the external drive?Fat32 will only cope with 8Gb max. If you really need a fat partition then partition your drive to include a7.99GB area and format that.

How to Convert an External Hard Drive From NTFS to FAT32?

Converting a drive from NTFS to FAT32 is sometimes desired for compatibility with other operating systems or devices. Converting an external device to FAT32 allows for compatibility with older devi... Read More »

Can I change my hard drive without losing data?

If you dont mind spending a bit of money you could get a USB-SATA/IDE adaptor (with a psu)plug the old drive into the adaptor and plug this into a usb port (just like an external drive)