How can I delete core files?

Answer Its nothing to do with PowerIso its just you need to delete some videos, music, delete temp internet files and such. Download CCleaner and run that. It'll save you from buying a new computer when y... Read More »

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If i download files to flash drive,can i then delete the files from computer?

Yes, just go into Wndows Explorer, select the file(s), right click and select 'delete'

When you delete files to your recycle bin and then delete them,do they stay in your pc and how do you check?

You can get a disk recovery program like DiskInternals. When they are "deleted" all that happens is that their directory entry is altered so it looks like they are not there. If you don't write ove... Read More »

Can I delete music files from a CD-R and put new files on it?

You can't delete things off of CD-Rs, you can only write TO them. You need to get CD-RWs, but you'll lost quality each time you rewrite them. It's better i think, just to get a big spindle of CD-... Read More »

Delete Certain Files?

try downloading a program called "unlocker" its a program that lets you delete any file no matter what