How can I download from a private torrent?

Answer The torrent's set as DHT , LPD & PE because it's a private Torrent so you would have to Sign in/Register to that site to download the torrent, Or ask the uploader of that torrent to allow you downl... Read More »

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Downloaded torrent from laptop to htc phone, needs 1.40gb to download from the internet, unbiled balance risin?

Why don't you use a WiFi connetion instead :)

Would fair use policy for broadband allow me to download movies from torrent sites?

Even if you can, it's still illegal. You're still looking at the possibility of a lawsuit or criminal charges. And since you're engaged in an illegal activity, I seriously doubt that it would fal... Read More »

What is the best private tracking torrent site?

Demonoid is the best private tracker. But it all depends on what you are looking for. Some people download alot of HD tv shows and prefer a site that specializes in that. But Demonoid is the most p... Read More »

Torrent download?

download utorrent. Its torrent file handling software and free. once utorrent is installed double click on the torrent file you have downloaded and utorrent will then download the file you are afte... Read More »