How can I find my Facebook page tag code?

Answer You need to access URL by using a Computer if you need tag code. When you click on right button on mouse of TAG option you can see copy link location, that's the TAG URL of that image.

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How do I find out my Facebook Page's tag code?

Click on your personal page (your name in the upper left) and copy the full URL from your browser.

Is there really a way to find out who has been on your facebook page?

Facebook doesn't allow people to track who views their profiles or contents. Third party applications are also are unable to track anybody.Follow the source to see the Facebook's statement about th... Read More »

IS there a way to find out who liked a Facebook page on a given day?

This all I could find.…

Can you find out who is looking at your facebook page?

no that doesn't work i did it and sent it all to my friends all sent me back saying it doesn't work , you basically can't see whos looking at your profile but you can change the settings so that on... Read More »