How can I hack a facebook account?

Answer Hacking is illegal and could lead to your original account being suspended as well as prosecution if caught. i would suggest not to do this, and to continue reporting it to Facebook

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Does anyone know how to hack someone's facebook account?

i am surprised to see any free software yet... but phishing procedure is the free method to hack facebook, it require some steps.. i found a good link that will help you doing this.. http://grayhat... Read More »

How do I hack my boyfriends Facebook account?

I know where you're coming from and asking for people not to have a go at you because you've already made up your mind to do it. I'm sorry but you won't be able to do it :( I know from experience w... Read More »

Is it possible for someone to hack into my hubbys facebook account?

Yes it is possible for someone to hack into his account. My brothers account got hacked into last week once in there they also got the details for his email address and hacked that aswell. They s... Read More »

How to find out who tried to hack my facebook account?

You wont be able to find out exactly who, and nothing this time but if you go on to security on settings then go on to recognised devices, you type in the name of the device you are using then if s... Read More »