How can I make a printscreen of videos?

Answer VLC Player ( can take a screenshot of a video through the [Video>Take Snapshot] option.

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Printscreen Button?

You need to paste it into a Word document or similar and print that. What? Highlight it, press the button and then paste it into a Word Document? ctrl plus pp brings up the printer then you shoul... Read More »

My Printscreen key it does not work on my keyboard?

Below are a list of keyboard shortcut keys. You can also troubleshoot with this application. I hope it helps you. Cheers. checked before I sent this answer an... Read More »

I logged myself into youtube but i don't know how to make videos my question is how to make videos on youtube?

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When I play youtube videos the audio is very choppy making most videos painful to watch.?

its the bandwidth on your internet put it simply, it's like trying to push an elephant down a hose pipe .....dont beleive the published broadband speeds from your ISP, the actual spee... Read More »