How can I make it connect?

Answer Make sure you are don't have CAPS Lock on, and make sure there is space for the ipod to connect, you might have to get someone else to disconnect before you can connect.

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Trying to connect my laptop to my tv. I have a vga to hdmi cable. But when I connect it no picture comes up.?

That will NEVER work.Your laptop's VGA port can only send out an ANALOG video signal. The HDTV's HDMI port can only receive a DIGITAL signal. Analog is NOT compatible wiht Digital, no matter what... Read More »

Connect Xbox to PC then connect it to the internet using pc's Wireless Adapter?

!st answer is kinda right but no details.... heres how: 1. Determine if your PC has a wireless adapter. 2. Find an Ethernet cable. It can be any Ethernet cable. The Xbox 360 automatically does... Read More »

I connect wirelessly via a Bt homehub. tonight I can connect to hub but not internet. how do I fix this?

Ive also experienced problems with my bt homehub and the best way round it is to reset the hub.A pain I know but it should work.If the problem persists then cotact bt and ask for a replacement hub ... Read More »

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Connecting a moustache to a beard can be challenging, due to the fact that every person is born with a different genetic make-up. Where others seem to excel in beard growing, you may be left to sha... Read More »