How can I make my computer run faster?

Answer a reformat always works wonders ...

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How to make my computer faster?

Solutions:-Scan for Virus - Using AVG or your preferred AntiVirus-Reduce the amount of programs running at startup - Go in start, click on Run, and type in 'msconfig' ... Read More »

How to make your computer faster?

Apart from all the obvious which you seem to have deleting cookies>>Temp files>>Defrag>> You can also go into Add/Remove programmes & delete whatever you don't need anymore. Here's som... Read More »

How do i make my computer faster?

How do you make your computer faster than it is going?

Turn off services you really don't need.Go to START and then RUN and type msconfig then click OK or hit enter.Go to the STARTUP tab and uncheck whatever you don't need at startup. ALL THESE THINGS ... Read More »