How can I make my double eyelids show up more + make my eyes bigger?

Answer A lot of my friends who are Asian, use white eyeliner on their water lines. Upper and lower. The upper ones are hard and takes a lot of practice but after a while you get used to it.Light colors he... Read More »

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How can i make my brown eyes look bigger without eyshadow what other eye make up could i use 2 make them big?

mascara is fantastic for giving you a wide eyed look. also white eyeliner makes your eyes look bigger...

Make up tips to make bigger eyes look smaller?

Firstly big eyes are so pretty!! you should be proud of them xbut if u do want smaller looking eyes the best beauty tip is get a dark brown eyeliner and draw on the inside rim of ur eye, not the ri... Read More »

Which make-up will bring out the blue in my eyes and make them look bigger x?

pale pinks, lavenders and natural tones would look great on could try matching your eye shadow to your clothes. the plus side of this method is that you can create a dramatic look with the ... Read More »

How do I make my eyes look bigger?

1. Step 1 Use eyeliner only on the outer rim of the eyelids, not the inner rim. 2. Step 2 Blend eyeliner with a cotton swab rather than leaving it as a harsh line. 3. S... Read More »