How can I monitor what other people on my network are doing?

Answer No, not legally anywayYou would have to go on there devices sand check.You could go on log me in but that would require the being searched computer on so that is not an option

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If i'm on wireless network can other people in my house see what i'm up to?

People outside your house can view it too... As long as they are in range of your WAP (Wireless Access Point) and have the proper encryption key.The program is known as a Packet Sniffer. It observe... Read More »

Hello, I currently run duel monitor from my Laptop. Laptop Monitor is screen one, and the other monitor...?

We run multiple monitors from a single computer to display information screens in our School Entrance. They all run via VGA splitters, and all show identical data.Hope this helpsJohn H

Can the school see what im doing at home on my network?

Yes, it usually gets monitored by an external IT administrator, who notifies a senior member of staff. So if you've looked at anything dodgy, its time to look for another school.

My Monitor cable won't work in the other post after I broke the other port?

No one has any idea what you are describing since you give only "desktop". There are thousands of different ones.