How can I record with Fraps in better quality?

Answer Change it in game video settings. 1280x720 will give the best YouTube screen fill, since it's a 16:9 ratio.Best saved or converted to mp4 format, using audio codec AAC-LC 96khz and H.264 vbr progr... Read More »

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How to record in HD fraps?

In order torecord in HD your monitor and GPU have to have an HD resolution (usually 1920x1080 or higher). If your monitor does not reach that high in res, you will only get about 480 or 720p at the... Read More »

What are the best fraps settings to record cod 4?

Fraps is a resource hog. best to set it at 30fps and full size. Full size will record in the same res as you have it set. Better quality. half size will record in half the rez to what you got it se... Read More »

Cant record for long with fraps?

Fraps uses a lot of HDD space when recording, when you use up most of the space on your HDD, it will start putting data into fragments of space, making read and write times longer, making the games... Read More »

How to Record Your Desktop With Fraps?

Fraps is a software tool used to monitor the performance of 3D computer games. Fraps can also capture the screen during a game, so you can take pictures and videos of your gameplay. Since the relea... Read More »