How can I save pitcher from Facebook to my mobile s2?

Answer 'Picture' not 'pitcher'.A pitcher is either a big jug of beer or other cool drink or the person who throws a baseball.

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How do i save a video from a facebook post?

you should be able to download it using real player

How to save videos from Facebook to my iPhone?

You can't just save a video to your iPhone like you can with a picture. You'll need to download a file down loader app on your iPhone and save it through that.

How do you save a video onto your computer from Facebook?

Right click and you will see save video to then go from there.

How to Save Your Text Messages to Your SIM Card From the T-Mobile G1?

In the Droid operating system, SMS text messages are stored on the phone itself. If you upgrade or switch phones, you won't be able to take the SMS messages with you. To ensure that you keep your S... Read More »