How can I send a big file to someone. This one is 52.8m.?

Answer You can upload it using various services on the web such others as well)Once the file has been uploaded the web site can e-mail a link to the ... Read More »

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If i send a file via email in Dropbox, can anybody else besides the person i am sending to see that file?

When you share a file via drop if will send a link like this:…No one will be able to guess the link but any one with the link will be able to download the ... Read More »

Can someone use their winrar to open this file and give it back unziped in the comments thanks?

You know things like 7zip are free and can open .rar files and other files like this, right?Anyways, I did it: I fixed the problem. For some reason Rapid... Read More »

Can't upload file on gumtree when applying for jobs. when I click send, the file just disappears?

What exactly do you mean "the file just disappears"?Are you sending it in the format they want?Or even following their instructions correctly on how to do it?Unless you can give a few more details,... Read More »

trying to to send file as mp3?

This is a confusing post.Media player should be able to play mp3s without the need for additional codecs.Audacity itself cannot produce mp3 files, but relies on an external dll called LAME.The firs... Read More »